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A popular lecturer and counselor, Dr. Sterling Ellsworth's books and CD's share his years of wisdom and wit. These wonderful editions help us overcome the negative character traits that have accumulated from the challenges of earth life. Learn the tools that give you the power to free the goodness within you.

Discover for yourself how simple and profound the truths are that will set you free.

As an LDS psychologist, Dr. Ellsworth incorporates his counseling techniques with gospel teachings and illustrates exactly how you can reach out to love that little child inside of you, who still needs love and caring. When the inner child heals, you heal!

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"In this book I try to show how to find your real self, both present and past. This will help us to run our bodies in the present and future. The whole aim is to help us be the person we really are, not the false survival self of the past.

"No one has come from a perfect family where all our real feelings were honored and revered. Each of us, in order to learn and grow, has had to live partly or mostly in a false self, while our real self took a back seat. In order to survive we had to feel someone else's feelings and not our own so much.

Our human feeling identitiy seed had to be partly abandoned. False identity styles like pleaser, caretaker, rebel, perfectionist, workaholic, and depressed, emerge -- leaving us afraid, hurt, sad and angry.

"When love supplies come into your life from a therapist, or others who want to help, you can learn to get love from your real self and God. You then can forsake your false survival self and be who you really are. This can happen to you. It has already happened to thousands of people to some degree. Why couldn't one of them be you?

"I think it can happen to any person who wants to do this badly enough. You will have to work and play at it. However the results will be great happiness and joy. You'll be in love with your life, even in adversity and have greater understanding of all things. This approach to life gives us great enrichment and passionate excitement in our marriages. Also, it gives us great joy in our relationships with our children and friends. It will certainly boost your career outside the home. I hope this little book helps you in your journey."

— Dr. Sterling Ellsworth

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Chapter Headings
Part 1    Know Your Enemy
The Substitute Self (click here for chart)
Some Styles of the False Self
Bodies or Beings
Part 2      Conquer Your Enemy
Real Love Supplies
Real Love Versus Cheap Substitutes
Love Supplies from Within
Real Love supplies and Romance
The Real You


"This book
offers real insight and real hope!"

Overwhelmingly, pornography dependence begins in teenage years, especially among those that have been abused or neglected in their childhood. With the advent of the Internet, pornography has become a plague. The numbers are staggering.

     * Broken lives
     * Mental anguish
     * Loss of self esteem
     * Feelings of guilt and helplessness

Pornography addiction is as serious as alcohol and drug abuse!

Dr. Sterling G. Ellsworth has counseled pornography-dependent people for over 40 years. Drawing from his "missing love supply" counseling technique, he examines ten case studies and zeroes in on the primary deficits in a person's life that make porn an alternative for real love. He demonstrates how a person can overcome pornography addiction by receiving healthy love from others, himself and especially from God.

Price: $12.95

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Chapter Headings
Causes of Pornography Dependence
Examples of Pornography Dependence
What We Learn From These Examples
Curing Pornography Addiction by Understanding and Receiving Love Supplies from Others
Curing Pornography Addiction by Understanding and Receiving Love Supplies from Yourself

Preventing Pornography Addiction by Rearing Secure Children and Enjoying a Healthy Marriage Relationship

"Given the present pornography plague sweeping communities and nations, there is a need for a short, simple, easy-to-understand book on this addictive epidemic, something that goes right to the roots of this serious problem.

Every addiction has causes, and without fixing those causes, the addiction will linger, go underground, or take a different form. Many books on pornography addiction usually describe the symptoms of pornography addiction, controlling the problem, or why it is wrong.

These books, while valuable, tend to overlook the addiction's root causes. Essentially, these books offer Band-Aids when what is needed is surgery. In an attempt to do some good, they often increase the sufferer's guilt, feelings of despair, and hopelessness, and they may even worsen the problem.

"Latter-day Plague: Breaking the Chains of Pornography --Causes, Cures, Preventions goes right to the cause of pornography addiction; the sexualization of a person's missing love supplies. It describes how to get appropriate love supplies, how to prevent the addiction, and gives the definition of healthy sexual expressions. This book draws on my 40 years of experience as a psychologist, counseling and treating people with pornography addiction and similar problems. I hope it has an answer for you or your loved ones."

— Dr. Sterling Ellsworth

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