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Dr. Ellsworth has been a practicing psychologist for more than fifty years. He has degrees from Brigham Young University and Michigan State University.

Sterling maintains a full-time practice, and has written books including,
How I Got This Way and What To Do About It and  Latter-day Plague: Breaking the Chains of Pornography and published a set of 25 CD's Making Sense of Life's Failures and Successes, recorded live from Serling's popular lecture series. These resources have helped thousands of people in their pursuit of a fulfilling life.

He and his wife Anne live in the northwest, where he is an avid sailor. They both love the sea and spend many hours there together -- practicing what he preaches about marriage.

Sterling shares his professional life with his wife Anne, who schedules his appointments and makes financial arrangements with his clients. Most of his counseling hours are now done over the phone, which allows him to reach many more people and use his time most effectively.

Sterling is also an avid family man. He and Anne enjoy spending time with their grown children and grandchildren. He often refers to his experiences as a father and grandfather in his teaching moments. These are the well he draws from in sharing with others the choice blessings of a healthy weird family.

Sterling enjoys working with people. His lectures are favorite among LDS audiences and he is a guest speaker for numerous organizations and groups across the country.

Sterling's sense of humor helps others see that life is meant to be enjoyed. His special skill in cutting to the bottom line is one of the reason's his clientele continue to refer their family and friends.


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